Anorexia and family therapy

Anorexia and family therapy: The five basic clinical elements

Knowing the fundamental pathological mechanisms of resistance to change, the family with anorexia allows the clinician a broad spectrum of action.

In this article, we are presented and discussed the five basic pathological mechanisms of resistance to change, their family organization involved in the issue of anorexia. Continue reading “Anorexia and family therapy: The five basic clinical elements”

Seven Business Laws Every Investor and Property Manager Must Know

Seven Business Laws Every Investor and Property Manager Must Know

Every state has many specific laws that pertain to conducting business. Companies both large and small are expected to understand and be cognizant of rules and regulations that cover the general regulatory arena of business operations. The Small Business Administration has published a general list of seven highly regulated areas any business owner needs to study and understand. A good business attorney should always be consulted if further clarification is necessary. Continue reading “Seven Business Laws Every Investor and Property Manager Must Know”

B2B and the modern advertisement

B2B and the modern advertisement

B2B has redefined the term advertisement.Now it has become a means to attract more and more consumer and their attention towards the product and services which are advertised online. All this activity done to get the consumers for their product.B2B advertisement makes the consumer aware and favorably inclined towards products, services, ideas. Along with the awareness it induces the customers in accordance, which indirectly helps the business. B2B advertisement is all known for collecting the activities involved in presenting a non-personal openly sponsored messageto a group or single person regarding a product or a service through online process. The ultimate aim of a B2B advertisement is to sell the product by creating the demand. Continue reading “B2B and the modern advertisement”

Behavioral Bias

For Finance Decisions Does Market Efficiency Stand Above

Behavioral Bias

We need to understand both behavioral biases and market efficiency for it helps the investors to take better and appropriate decisions.

One day when two economists went for a walk, one happened to see something, which he considered interesting and said, “It was a good topic to research on”. The other one felt that if it were that good somebody would have already done so. This was the view of the academics about the stock market for a very long time. They did not consider the stock market a place where a serious case study could be undertaken. Continue reading “For Finance Decisions Does Market Efficiency Stand Above”

How to Promote Your Business with Little Money

How to Promote Your Business with Little Money

Advertising for a business is vital for success, for business it is, and even more important for new, you have the best product or service in the world but if nobody knows what you sell or service you offer, disputed and time only to have to close. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, say the “advertisement” in your business, is among the top three priorities on its agenda. Continue reading “How to Promote Your Business with Little Money”

Business Plan

Can You Say Business Plan?

Can you say business plan? The reason that companies fail is that they don’t have a business plan that addresses what they don’t know. A successful business plan needs to go beyond what a company thinks it knows. The harsh reality is that  50% of small businesses in Canada fail within 5 years – usually because of poor planning, management inexperience, and insufficient cash flow. Continue reading “Can You Say Business Plan?”

Business Become a Cult

Has Your Business Become a Cult?

For any business to successfully deliver value, it’s strategy and organizational structure must be woven together seamlessly. Simply said; the organisational structures need to be designed to meet the strategy not vice versa. Many companies are failing to meet their goals and grow their business because of a cult leadership structure. It worked for Apple, but most businesses are not Apple and most “C” level executives are not Steve Jobs who empowered all his employees to make a difference. Continue reading “Has Your Business Become a Cult?”


10 Ways to Manage your Money Better

Debt is close to an ailment that starts small and can quickly spread through the entire life of a person. For a lot of people that are living through their day to day earnings and do not have ample amount of money to save, just a bump in the road can lead them to totally wreck. Unluckily, a lot of buyers don’t have enough  know, how about managing their income, since financial planning is not a subject that is usually taught in schools. Doing a little homework about personal debt management as well as preparing for a financial plan for the future can truly go a long way. In terms of credit decisions, it is essential to comprehend that not all of this debt is wicked and there are instances where some kinds of debt are important and accommodating as well. Managing your money better is very important. Continue reading “10 Ways to Manage your Money Better”